Turbojugend Oslo was the first Turbojugend chapter and was started by Happy-Tom in 1995. It was originally started as a joke between the members of the band that since KISS had an army Turbonegro should have a navy, and this is how Turbojugend was started. They (Turbonegro) started printing the logo on Turbojugend Oslo on the back of almost every record they made and founded the fan club.

Back then the only way to become a member was to send in cash and a photo to Happy-Tom via pamphlets included in some vinyl singles released by Turbonegro. When you sent in cash and a photo you would get a diploma declaring you a member of Turbojugend.

After Bitzcore Records acquired the rights for Turbonegro’s records they also took over leadership in Turbojugend. They founded TJ St. Pauli started making the now legendary denim jackets we now know as the Kutte. This meant that TJ St. Pauli became the new main chapter while TJ Oslo will always be the very first.

Originally the only two jackets available were TJ St. Pauli and TJ Oslo. The TJ Oslo jackets, was the only ones you could order until sometime in the early 2000’s. This was when Turbojugend Worldwide was founded and everybody could by jackets with their own chapter names on them.

In April 30th 2003 Turbojugend Oslo was re-opened but now as a local chapter for Oslo citizens only. TJ Oslo back then was mostly based out of Nesodden. Very few jackets and members from this time in TJ Oslo’s history are known but in 2005, TJ Oslo began a whole new moment. The few active members that were stationed in Oslo became fed up with nothing happening and TJ Oslo being run by no active members on a small island outside of Oslo. Together they started recruiting new members and arranged parties in Oslo. They eventually got the band (Turbonegro) behind them and TJ Oslo got a new president living in Oslo.

TJ Oslo has since become one of the most active chapters in the world, and in 2012 TJ St. Pauli gave up the position of main chapter making way for new leadership. The TJ Oslo president became the first of 13 Turbojugend Amb-ASS-adors, a group carefully picked by Turbonegro and Turbojugend Worldwide, once again bringing TJ Oslo back as one of the main chapters in the world.

That was the short and sweet story of Turbojugend Oslo, see you in the beer-fog!

Party Cowboy
President TJ Oslo